Discover the thrill of skiing

Come and discover the thrill of skiing in our ski courses! Join us and learn to ski or perfect your skills in a fun and friendly group setting. Our ski groups are organised based on your skiing abilities, so you’ll always be in the right group.

If you’re a beginner, our extensive programme is perfect for you! You’ll learn the fundamentals of skiing at your own pace and confidently navigate the slopes. Our experienced and local ski instructors will be your skiing buddies, offering guidance and assistance every step of the way.

We’ve got something special in store for the ski pros as well. Elevate your skills and tackle tougher slopes in our advanced courses. 

Join our ski courses in the stunning Dorfgastein-Großarltal ski area, one of Austria’s finest ski resorts. Here, you’ll find perfectly groomed slopes, stunning vistas, and a diverse range of options for all skill levels.

And the best of it is: In our group ski courses, you’ll not only learn how to ski, but also make new friends and meet like-minded people. Let’s hit the slopes together and have the most amazing ski days ever.